What to Expect on The Jetsetting Diva

The Jetsetting Diva, Uncategorized

Welcome to The Jetsetting Diva. This blog is everything travel — from what makes the perfect carry-on to what to do for a long weekend in a city and where to stay. What makes this blog different is my unique perspective of the world! I am 29 years old and was born with spina bifida. I walk with crutches and use a motorized scooter for long distances. The approach to this blog will be rating cities and hotels on their accessibility. The impact of a first-hand review is powerful. It is one thing to check all the accessibility boxes on paper, but it is quite another to make sure they work properly in everyday life. Come with me on a trek around the country (hopefully the world) and help open up a whole world of possibilities to thousands of people! No passport required.

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